Update for March 2017

Mailouts (March 2017)

The following is an observation of fact based on record. If you are reading it, this is because you have taken steps to do so by your own free will and better judgment, rather than DN pushing it in your face via email, unannounced, unrequested and perhaps unwelcomed. The message is contained securely within the DN website and available only to those who choose to reach out and read it. Hopefully that point is well taken!

We are verifying our email list.

We have combined several old email lists in an effort to reach out to as many folks as possible.

If you have already asked for your name to be removed from the Dance North weekly notice list, please do not worry – we are NOT going to start sending out emails to you again – this is a ONE TIME email and you do not have to read on from here – simply hit the delete button anytime….. If you have not been receiving the weekly DN notice lately and wish to do so, please do let us know so that we can add your name to our current, active list.

The reason for this email is that just lately we have had quite a few folks returning to DN drop-in’s after some months’ absence, telling us the reason they had stopped attending was that they heard DN was closed. Obviously this is not true – DN is very active, healthy, happy and flourishing, which apparently, is not good news to everybody!

This misunderstanding about DN has occurred due to erroneous phone calls and emails sent out to the dance community at large by certain parties, precipitating rumors and irresponsible chit chat – these false stories and untruths are vindictive and in very poor taste, so please ignore them. Most of it is sour grapes from a disgruntled splinter group by the name of PG Dance Connection lead by Phil Thalman. For a year, these people, in an effort to follow their own agenda, created havoc within the Dance North group and came close to callously destroying everything we had spent nearly 20 years building.

Fortunately we acted in time, planned our approach carefully, and dismissed them summarily after a very tumultuous and egregious club meeting last August. To be clear, they were not unwelcome at DN, just dismissed from office. They were indeed, encouraged to continue attending dance, but to no one’s surprise, they chose to break away. They have since gone on to organizing their own group, setting out to discredit Dance North in an attempt to put themselves in a better light and promote their own program. It would seem that their strategy is not working as DN is flourishing, and, it would seem, all outward indications are that the same cannot be said for their own efforts in dance, a situation one could be forgiven for labeling as poetic justice.

We invite you to check http://dancenorthca.mmilburn.ca any time to verify the status of DN – we will be happy to advise you of the truth.

We have seen a steady growth of recovery since some both personal and general slander surfaced last October, and indeed, Friday March 3rd saw one of our biggest, most enthusiastic turn-outs yet – lots of new and returning faces, which is all very encouraging. Everyone is very welcome, and despite what you might hear to the contrary, we are still very much a “not-for-profit” group. For our part, we work towards making a full recovery from any malevolent attacks we encounter from any quarter, and will continue to focus inward on what we do well and how we can improve, rather than outward, fretting and fussing in a negative way about the activity of other groups and how to put them down. Thank you for your understanding and loyalty. Make dance a habit – it will change your life. J

Peter Weedon
Dance North